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Smooth Pumpkin Leather Tote

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This is a fantastic bag! I have received compliments on it from people I would never have expected to even notice a lady’s handbag. It’s completely comparable to my Coach in quality and fashion design and actually a little less expensive.

Two ladies in the optical shop commented that if I ever got tired of it, they would be glad to receive it. Then, the older gentleman bagging my groceries in Publix commented on how handsome it is.

And, since I live in Gainesville, FL, home to the University of Florida Gators, “Pumpkin”, otherwise known as orange around here, is completely appropriate.

The only downside is that I don’t want to reveal that it’s a conceal. So, when the ladies in the optical shop asked me where I bought it, I just said that I bought it online. However, I’m totally telling the ladies in my chapter of Well Armed Women about it. Do you have some postcards or something I can hand out?

It’s a beautiful handbag. Thank you so much for making something that is beautiful, excellent quality, as well as specifically functional for concealed carry.
Stephanie, 29.06.2016
No other concealed purses compared to the products on the website. I bought this tote and the color, size, and quality have met all my expectations. The quality matches the price. I also have put different guns in my tote; my Bersa 380, CZ 9mm, and my husbands 3" Smith and Wesson 7 shot 357 magnum. Getting to the gun is easy too.
Jennifer, 25.07.2013
My wife received her Carrie Bag yesterday and she was extremely excited and pleased. The bag was as advertised and more. She loves it....
Ken , 13.05.2013
I received my Pumpkin leather tote today that I ordered at the NRA convention in Houston. I love it and the cute bag it came in! Thank you!
Nicole C., 13.05.2013

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