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Aged Brown Leather Satchel

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10 Review(s) for "Aged Brown Leather Satchel"

I saw this bag and I just had to have it. I have purchased other bags from other companies that just fell apart after a few days because of the weight of my weapon and the poor quality. When I saw this bag I fell in love with the style and the quality. i use it every day. Only thing I don't like is it is REALLY heavy. quite of few of the reviews mention this but I didn't pay any attention to them because I really loved this bag, but just know it is heavy. Even though the weight may be a factor to some to me it's worth every penny! I still love everything about it.
Theresa, 17.10.2015
I received my brown leather satchel a few days ago. The quality is really nice, just like the other reviews say. It really IS like a Coach bag! The holster fits nicely around my Glock 43 too. The main compartment where you carry your wallet and everything else is big enough to also include an iPad if you wish. It also comes with an extra long leather strap, but I don't see a need to use it as the straps on the bag go comfortably over the shoulder. I usually carry my purses on my right shoulder; so I'm going to have to get used to carrying a bag on my left shoulder to allow for the right had to reach in the bag and draw (if necessary....but I pray I never have to do that!) It IS a big bag; but I think the video that shows the bag also shows how large it is as well. I am overall very happy with it and plan to purchase a smaller, more compact bag from Concealed Carrie as well. : )
Laura, 19.07.2015
Just received my brown leather satchel. It is an impressive handbag. Very well made and high quality. However, I think it is bigger than it appears in the photo. It is not a bag I would carry around on a daily basis for errands. It almost feels like a tote. I think someone could easily carry around a tablet and their personals, along with their firearm, it is that big. I wish it came in a smaller version because I just love the look.
Suzanne, 26.06.2015
Ladies I Absolutely Love Love this concealed carrie purse...!!! I love it so much that I am saving for the Black one as well. This purse is well worth the money.

Angela, 25.06.2015
When I received the bag yesterday I was really blown away. The leather is so soft & supple!!! It is really a beautiful purse!!! It even comes with a soft cloth bag, just like other expensive purses. I totally agree with the other reviewer that it is absolutely comparable to Coach, Dooney & Burke, any high end bag. AND better since it's purpose is for carry. I am looking forward to buying another bag from Concealed Carrie.

My only complaint is that there are not enough pockets/compartments. The description says "it's full of built in pockets & dividers". The purse has 2 main compartments. The non-carry compartment has a zipped pocket that butts up against the carry compartment. Since the other side is meant for storing a weapon the zipped pocket is up against a strong reinforced panel that makes it a lot less pliable than a typical pocket and therefore you are fairly limited in how much you can store in it. There are 2 small open compartments on the other side that are most useful for storing say lipsticks, pens, cell phone. That's it. No other compartments. It's not a deal breaker for me but I prefer a very organized purse and having multiple areas to store items & keep everything easily accessible is essential to me.

As I mentioned, the carry compartment has a reinforced panel for your weapon which is very sturdy and will really hold it in place. The Velcro is very heavy duty and I like that the holster has 2 Velcro strips so you can customize the Velcro holster to suit your needs/weapon. In my opinion, the carry compartment could be scaled down in size quite a bit and this would allow another middle compartment for more purse items with additional pockets or adding more compartments to the non-carry side. Even though, yes you could store additional security items, extra mag, flashlight, etc. in my humble opinion, 1) I don't want anything with my weapon that could rub or bump up against and 2) I don't want a bunch of clutter where I carry my weapon to distract or get in the way in an emergency. That's why I feel it should really only be enough to accommodate a weapon & 1-2 additional items at most and therefore free up space for more personal storage areas.

I really like that you can access your weapon from inside or outside with the 2 zippers on either side. This is really a great idea and gives more options to access your weapon in an emergency. The zippers look cool too!

The pictures on the site do NOT do this purse justice! I was debating buying it because of the high price tag and since a purse is really a touchy-feely type of purchase. This is my second carry purse. When I bought my other carry purse (from another site) I was disappointed that the leather had a very hard, almost fake leather feel. This is NOT the case with this Concealed Carrie purse. You will not be disappointed. It's worth every penny!!!!

Shannon, 01.04.2015
When my Brown Leather Satchel arrived I couldn't believe how well made and fashionable it was. It took me weeks to decide to purchase it, I went back and forth. No one knows I am carrying my weapon its so easy to put in and take out, with the velcro it stays in place. I carry my purse everywhere I go. My granddaughter gave me a compliment and she is hard to please. I would recommend anyone purchasing this beautiful satchel.
Janice, 24.11.2014
I was impressed with your beautiful line of purses. I came with the intention of purchasing the Crocodile Print Hobo Bag and instead purchased the Brown Leather Satchel Purse. It is wonderful and I am so happy with it. Thanks.
Sandy A., 08.10.2013
My husband just bought the brown satchel bag for me and it looks fabulous, smells great and everything is perfectly placed for practical use and carry. Just one thing for future designs....the strap is too long for me so I think I will get it shortened. Other than that it is fabulous!
Patricia, 09.08.2013
The Aged Brown Leather satchel is absolutely gorgeous!! It is well made with quality materials. When I saw this bag, I knew that it was 'the one' because after much searching it was clear that nothing else compares in style, quality and functionality, all in one package.
Jennifer M., 04.08.2013
Hi Leslie, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my new satchel. I received a compliment the other day while shopping from a sales associate whom I knew from a high-end handbag line. She commented on the quality leather and details found on expensive bags. Looking forward to seeing additional colors and styles to add to my collection!
Mrs. B., 13.05.2013

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